Buizness Man

Here's something fun I threw together this weekend. I'm thinking this might look pretty sweet on that red paper I just ordered. hhmmmmmm...


Here is the original inked artwork


So I'm having some troubles trying to figure out what to do for my third print. I drew this up today, but I think I need to keep looking for something else. 




Hi guys and gals! Here is my second new piece for the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo. I've always really liked Hellboy and his wacky adventures so I wanted to make sure I did him justice. This piece will be a four color print on red paper, slightly larger than all of my previous prints. And of course in honor of exclusivity I'm gonna keep the print count super low like the TMNT print. I also wanted to post some of my process pics to give you a peek inside my drawing process. 

First I do several thumbnail sketches to get a feel for the proper pose and proportions.


Next I try to flesh out my concept and really get a feel for the final piece. Usually I will draw a piece two or three times before I really get what I want. After I achieve what I am looking for I move on to the nicer paper and re-draw the image with a non photo blue pencil so you cant see the pencil lines when I scan it into the computer. 

A few hours later and TA DA here is the piece all inked up. I use a brush pen for the outlines, once that is done I uses several fine tip ink pens to really step up the detail. 

From here I scan the piece and start visualizing composition and a color pallet. Sometimes a major portion of the final print is composed digitally using a Wacom pen tablet. And here you have the final piece, thanks for stoping by... 


Here is my first piece for the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo. The shading took FOREVER to render. Also This will be my first 6 color screen print, kinda nervous about that. I'm gonna do very limited runs of my comic expo pieces, Probably 20.

ACE! Albuquerque Comic Expo...

Hello everyone! So I'm super excited to tell you all about the ACE. It is our second recent comic con here in Albuquerque and I am hoping it is as successfull as the first because I am participating in this one. My printing partner Jon Sanchez and myself are going to have a table in Artist Alley! We are both gonna try and bust out some fresh art ptrints for you to enjoy. I'll let you guys know ASAP where our table is gonna be located so you can stop by. And to get you a lil amped up here is a  sneak peek of what I am working on. I think in addition to the TMNT print I am also going to try my hand at a Hellboy piece.Get excited people! Hope to see you there..



La Muerta Katrina

This is a poster that my father and I collaborated on. He did the pencil drawing, and I did the coloring, shading etc. in Photoshop. Hope you like! Prints will be available for sale, contact me for detail and availability. 





Click thumbnail below for a detailed view

Gig Posters Exhibition!

OK guys I know this is Easter Sunday, but here's the scoop. Jon Sanchez and myself are showing our gig posters at the Blackbird for the month of April. Unfortunately the opening night is on Easter Sunday. If you can find the time, or need to get out of the house please come and see us. We are gonna have live music by Billy Bellmont and a second act featuring Chan Avery & Albert Vasquez. The Black Bird has AWESOME food, and delicious micro brew beer. I realize the date of this opening isn't ideal for most people, but we would love it if you could make it and show us your support. If not please stop by anytime in the month of April for lunch or dinner and check out our screen printed posters. 

Hello Internets!

So this is my first blog post! What better way to start it off then by posting some new art huh... Here is a poster I finished and submitted for approval yesterday. I love this band! I hope they like it...