Lil Hummer

Feeling like I'm done with this. I Love watching these lil birds buzz around. Don't let the feeder run dry though becuase they will definitely dive bomb you. 

ACE Badge Contest

I'm gonna submit a piece for the ACE 2012 Badge Contest. I wanted to re-use my winning rowbutt character from last year. So I came up with this concept. The juxtaposition of my character and the realistic Earth and background is a little off so I may go back in and try to illustrate those aspects. Otherwise I think this is another winner!

New Transformers Print - Soundwave

WOW!! it has been a really long time since I have posted! My sincerest apologies... As some of you might know ACE 2012 is approaching fast and I am gearing up to bring you so fresh art! Here is the first piece I have created that will fall in line with my Transformers art print series. Hope you dig it! Stay tuned in for more!




Rowbutt Tees!

I just got back from the t-shirt print shop and I have exciting news to report. I'm gonna have some sweet rowbutt tees at my next art show! I ordered 2 colors, black with grey ink, and purple with pink ink. I saw the test print and these things are super fresh. Hopefully everyone else thinks soo too... :-)


Revenge of the Supercool 2: Son of Supercool


So I have a lil art show coming up on September 5th. I'll be showing some of my recent screen prints as well as a bunch of new Adventure Time Paintings. If everything works out in my favor I will also have a pretty exciting product for you guys to consume so stay tuned! Here are a bunch of process pics of my paintings. Enjoy...






Scurvy Swagger

Here is an illustration I had intended on using on an upcomming rock poster, but it just didnt fit the bill. I didn't want it to go to waste so I made it a stand alone piece.  


Rowbuts Attack - In Three Vibrant Colors

Anyone recognize this piece? I thought I'd mention that I'll have these prints at ACE as well. I had originally printed the winning art I submutted for the ACE badge contest last year in a three color series. So if blue aint yo thang, I will also have orange and purple! 

BB Process Pics


This is my final print for the Albuquerque Comic Expo. Of the three new prints I created for the expo I received the most positive responses on this one. Here are a few pics of the print process, enjoy and I'll see you at ACE!

Come see us at table F11!

Awwww snap! Stuff just got real up in here! We received our Artist Alley preskit and table assignment! It is my pleasure to tell you that you can come chat with us and check out our screen prints at table F11. The anticipation is building and about to boil over! I have one more poster to print, and I'll be ready. So next week I will update you guys with some Bumblebee process pics.

Also for those of you attending on Saturday and purchased your tickets online you should have received your super awesome laminated badge featuring my artwork. Come by our booth and I'll hook you up with a special surprise for your lanyard! I will only have a limited number of this prize so don't hesitate! I hope to see you real soon!


TMNT process pics

The heat is on, and it's time to ramp up production of my pieces for ACE. Here are a few process pics from my TMNT 6 color art print. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. See you at the Expo!


I'm a winner!

Soo... I guess I forgot to tell you guys about the ACE badge art contest. There was a contest held by the Albuquerque Comic Expo to have your art on the badges/tickets for the expo. Four winners were chosen, one for each day of the expo and one for people who purchase the three day pass. My artwork was chosen for the Saturday passes! So if you pre-ordered your tickets you should have received a shiny badge featuring my art! Neat huh? Here is a pic my buddy Bob sent me after receiving his in the mail. 

And here is the original piece I submitted.