Hi guys and gals! Here is my second new piece for the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo. I've always really liked Hellboy and his wacky adventures so I wanted to make sure I did him justice. This piece will be a four color print on red paper, slightly larger than all of my previous prints. And of course in honor of exclusivity I'm gonna keep the print count super low like the TMNT print. I also wanted to post some of my process pics to give you a peek inside my drawing process. 

First I do several thumbnail sketches to get a feel for the proper pose and proportions.


Next I try to flesh out my concept and really get a feel for the final piece. Usually I will draw a piece two or three times before I really get what I want. After I achieve what I am looking for I move on to the nicer paper and re-draw the image with a non photo blue pencil so you cant see the pencil lines when I scan it into the computer. 

A few hours later and TA DA here is the piece all inked up. I use a brush pen for the outlines, once that is done I uses several fine tip ink pens to really step up the detail. 

From here I scan the piece and start visualizing composition and a color pallet. Sometimes a major portion of the final print is composed digitally using a Wacom pen tablet. And here you have the final piece, thanks for stoping by...